Wool Socks, Sustainably Made in Vermont, Guaranteed For Life

Wool Socks, Sustainably Made in Vermont, Guaranteed For Life

The Northfield, Vermont-based company aptly named Darn Tough asserts its socks are the best in the world. Highest quality. Most comfortable. Guaranteed for life. I recently purchased my first pair. Several jogs, snow slogs, and serious sledding outings later, I wholeheartedly agree. I love these socks. And I plan to purchase plenty more.

1606_charcoalAt $19 for a pair (like the ones above) they are not cheap. But heck, they’re made of merino wool and guaranteed for life. For life, Yo!

There’s a sign on the wall in the Darn Tough factory. It reads:


Tough to argue with that sentiment.

WHY IT’S GREEN: Wool is considered environmentally friendly because its a renewable resource that is naturally grown from sheep.

BUY: Darn Tough Socks

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