The 100-Mile Radius Organic Denim Jean

When stunning design is delivered in a package that also considers the environment and the treatment of the factory workers whose hands touch the product, I get excited. It’s the no-compromise product, the product that lets you look and feel your best and relish the knowledge that your purchase decision also seamlessly aligns with your values about the kind of world you want to see.


With its denim jeans made in North Carolina from organic cotton grown in North Carolina, Raleigh Denim has delivered the goods. Given how rare a feat it is to create a supply chain that exists within a 100-mile radius, it’s fair to say that what Raleigh Denim has accomplished is outstanding.

I tried on these jeans a couple of weeks ago at Old North here in Asheville. The fit is fantastic. Now, they happen to cost $335 ponies, which creates a fair amount of sticker shock. But Raleigh Denim clearly knows its target audience. Whether they’re buying in Barney’s or at the company’s downtown Manhattan location in Nolita, Raleigh Denim is actively demonstrating that the means to do things better are underway.

Why It’s Green: Organic Cotton is grown without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides, which are applied to conventionally grown cotton. Organic cotton’s  production also promotes and enhances biodiversity and biological cycles.

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