16 Modern Eco-Friendly Desks That Make Work Enjoyable

by | Aug 2, 2020

From Bosnia to Berlin to the South Bronx, sustainable brands and designers are increasingly incorporating sustainable materials, renewable energy, and other environmental strategies. Today, you have more options for creating a home office or workspace that merges design and sustainability.

It couldn’t come at a better time. As working from home becomes the new norm, carving out a nook to work without interruption is crucial.

As the father of three young kids, I shift around the house as the day unfolds seeking a room where the signs of chaos signal my children are finished playing, and where I might, therefore, squat in momentary silence with my laptop, amidst the discarded LOL Dolls, Barbies, and Playmobils before my kids: a) Decide they need something and b) Locate me.

A contemporary, well-constructed, eco-friendly desk won’t solve my problems (or yours), but it could definitely help.

Seriously, I have found that furnishing my surroundings with well-designed, minimalist, sustainably made decor enhances my mood and uplifts my spirits. For me personally, it reminds me of my aspirations and vision for a world in which smart, sustainable choices prevail – the kind that raise our quality of life and bring us into greater balance with nature.

Here are 16 sustainable desks that delight me. May they do the same for you.

sleek & modern eco-friendly desks

dims eave desk natural eco-friendly fsc certified sustainable wood
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A great example of clean minimalist design, the desk is designed for Dims by MSDS studio in Toronto combining Scandinavian and Japanese approaches to furniture-making. Made of sustainably harvested FSC certified ash wood. Other colors are available.

PRICE: $795

EXPLORE: Eave Desk

2. air essential desk by chassie

chassie desk eco-friendly fsc certified wood
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chassie air essential desk close up
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From the South Bronx comes this delightful, functional, and sustainable desk by Chassie. The desktop is made of FSC certified baltic birch and features limited edition artwork from architect Stefano Pasqualetti. The legs are made of recycled, aerospace-grade aluminum.

The desk features an invisible, integrated wireless phone charging pad, so you can set your phone down and watch it charge up. The top also functions as a dry erase board, making it the perfect tool to let your creativity flow.

PRICE: $899 (with the $150 tech package included)

EXPLORE: Air Essential Desk

Simbly Eco-Friendly Desk Sustainably Harvested FSC Wood
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Designed to fit your life and space, the Simbly Desk is a simple-to-assemble, flat-pack beauty made of FSC certified sustainable wood and treated with a non-toxic, formaldehyde-free finish (it also does double-duty as a well-conceived kitchen table). The desk’s clean lines and elegant curves will make it the focal point of your eco-friendly office. Made at a family-owned factory in Western North Carolina.

*I know a lot about Simbly because I’m the co-founder & CEO. In addition to curating well-designed sustainable products that enable an amazing sustainable lifestyle at Lazy E, I also run Simbly. Our goal is to merge contemporary design, sustainability, American manufacturing, and fair prices.

** What I wrote in the intro is true. I search the house each day for a quiet spot because my wife and I happen to possess different aesthetic tastes when it comes to furniture. Mine don’t always prevail. :)

PRICE: $899

EXPLORE: Simbly Desk / Kitchen Table

4. Reclaimed Wood Desk w/ keyboard by what we make

what we make reclaimed wood desk desktop computer
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A sleek, slim profile desk made using 100+ years old reclaimed wood from torn-down barns in the Midwest. Handmade at What We Make’s workshop just outside of Chicago and treated with an oil-based, VOC-free, matte finish.

PRICE: $1495

EXPLORE: Reclaimed Wood Desk w/ Keyboard

Why we emphasize sustainable materials:

Furniture brands that use sustainable materials do the heavy eco-lifting for us.

They integrate the environmental benefits directly into the product itself.

Shifting to sustainable materials is a big, transformative deal. Inside a company, it means that nearly everyone plays a role from design to procurement to prototyping to production to marketing to accounting and finance.

When we choose products made of sustainable materials, we co-create the sustainable economy alongside these forward-looking brands and companies.

That’s a big deal.


5. MAASTRICHT Writing Desk in Recycled Wood and Steel by Johanenlies

MAASTRICHT Writing Desk in Recycled Wood and Steel by Johanenlies
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MAASTRICHT recycle wood desk detail
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From Berlin comes this minimalist, industrial-style desk made of recycled timber and steel. Light, airy, and playful, the desk is a nod to Dutch-inspired furniture design.

PRICE: $2262


6. solo adjustable standing desk by Mojodesk

Mojo Desk FSC Certified Eco-Friendly Standing Desk
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MojoDesk sustainable standing desk fsc wood
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Excellent ergonomics, wobble-free legs, and industry-leading cable management are essential characteristics that inform this adjustable-height standing desk. Mojo Desk builds its desks using FSC certified wood. All finishes are Greenguard certified for low VOC emissions. Additionally, the company’s facility is powered by 65% solar energy. Designed for gamers and office workers.

PRICE: $599.99

EXPLORE: MojoDesk Solo

7. stay the f*** Home desk by stykka

stykka stay the f*** home eco-friendly desk FSC recycled cardboard
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A desk inspired by our global pandemic, it’s made of FSC certified carboarded that contains 80%-100% recycled content. Designed and made in Denmark, it’s a simple modern desk that certainly fits the moment. More good news, when the moment finally passes, you can easily recycle it.

PRICE: $$75.90 (480 Kr)

EXPLORE: Stay The F*** Home Desk

Greenington eco-friendly desk
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Greenington Currant Bamboo Eco-Friendly Desk Sustainably Harvested
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Taking its cues from mid-century modern design, this visually unique desk made entirely of fast-growing and rapidly replenishable Moso bamboo (highly regarded for its strength and durability).

PRICE: $1097

EXPLORE Currant Bamboo Desk

lattitude eco-friendly desk reclaimed douglas fir pine by urban wood goods
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This L-shaped desk features two reclaimed wood surfaces made from salvaged planks that come from deconstructed early 20th century homes and buildings in Chicago. The legs are steel. Made by artisans in the Midwest, the desk is a beautiful example of clean, minimalist design that deeply respects the planet.

PRICE: $1540

EXPLORE: Latitude L Desk

Terra 2S Eco-Friendly Xdesk sustainalby made bamboo recycled aluminum
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xdesk bamboo standing desk adjustable
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Clean, structured lines let the sustainable materials of this beauty take center stage. Bamboo work surfaces are complemented by recycled aluminum support beams that hide all the impressive integrated tech that enables this standing desk’s smooth one-touch adjustability. Handmade in Austin, Texas. Other innovative green surface materials are also available.

PRICE: $1697 And Up


deskview portable eco-friendy bamboo desk
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deskview bamboo eco-friendly portable desk
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Enjoy the view with this bamboo desk that mounts to any smooth glass surface that’s at least a 1/4” thick. It’s an excellent solution for occupants of high-rise offices and apartments to efficiently utilize space and take in the view. The industrial-grade aluminum suction discs are guaranteed for life and have been tested to withstand 70lbs. of weight load (though DeskView recommends no more than 40lbs to stay on the safe side). Leave it up for years or change your view as much as you like.

PRICE: $235

EXPLORE: Portable Standing Desk

Gazzda sustainable desk fsc certified wood
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A distinctly modern and sleek desk made of FSC certified oak and hand finished with Hardwax oil made of natural waxes and vegetable oils protect and nourishes the wood. Gazzda manufactures its products in Bosnia Herzegovina.

PRICE: $1998

EXPLORE: Stafa Desk

storkstand eco-friendly portable standing desk fsc wood
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storkstand portable eco-friendly desk fsc wood
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Transform your chair into a standing desk with this nifty device that can also collapse into a lap desk.  Made of FSC certified wood with an aluminum base, the desk will fit a 17″ laptop plus a mouse. It’s a quirky yet fast way to gain the health benefits of incorporating more standing into your daily routine.

PRICE: $149

EXPLORE: Portable Standing Desk + Lap Desk

Skagerak Georg Desk Eco-Friendly FSC Certified Oak Wood
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The simple clean lines and warm yet minimalist design enable this desk to fit many interior spaces. Influenced by Scandinavian and Japanese furniture design, the desk is made of FSC certified oak wood.

PRICE: $925

EXPLORE: Georg Desk

eco-friendly jorn desk by inside weather FSC wood
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jorn desk modular eco-friendly sustainable FSC wood
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The Jorn Desk is a playful and highly functional desk made of FSC certified baltic birch wood. It features modular shelving units to customize placement to your liking. The desk is precision-milled in the U.S.

PRICE: $749

EXPLORE: The Jorn Desk

vivaterra foldable sustainable console desk fsc wood
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Vivaerra foldaway eco-friendly desk sustainble fsc wood
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Create a mini home office even when your space-constrained this minimalist option. The clever foldaway desk is made of responsibly harvested FSC certified wood and features hidden storage to stow work accessories and laptop peripherals.

PRICE: $595

EXPLORE: Foldaway Console Desk

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