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View the all-stars accelerating design and sustainability.

The fifty sustainable brands we include on the Lazy E List are a cut above. They elevate design and sustainability. They effortlessly enable us to align our lifestyles with our values about the environment and society. Their sustainable products don’t just fit our lives; they change them for the better.

Selecting these eco-friendly brands is immensely satisfying. They make sustainable living easy and joyful. They point us towards a future in harmony with nature, yet impeccably stylish, smart, and fun.

Environmental challenges can feel overwhelming and, frankly, at times, debilitating. Yet, these environmentally conscious brands relentlessly rise to the occasion. The people behind them – the designers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders – keep their eyes on the destination: a sustainable future that works for everyone. At Lazy Environmentalist, we salute them.

But brands alone do not create a sustainable future. We, the consumer, co-create that future alongside them. By integrating their products into our lives, we elevate our very existence and speed the arrival of the world we want to see.

Here’s our list of the top sustainable brands.

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50 Game-Changing Sustainable Brands

Sustainable Fashion Brands

Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch Eco-Friendly Organic Style

Classic styling meets sustainable sensibility at Taylor Stitch. Find a full assortment of well-made men’s clothing using environmentally friendly materials such as organic cotton, recycled polyester, and wool. From outerwear to workwear to officewear, Taylor Stitch is there, as they fondly say “for the long haul.” Every product is guaranteed for life.

Explore: Taylor Stitch


Reformation Eco-Fashion Adele

Reformation is effortlessly elegant and sexy and seriously sustainable. From jeans to dresses to bridal gowns, this eco-fashion brand covers all occasions and all body types. Stunning silhouettes are made with sustainable fabrics including Tencel, Lyocell, and Econyl, organic and recycled cotton, alpaca, and deadstock fabrics. 

Explore: Reformation


Veja Iconic Sustainable Footwear

Veja makes sustainable efootwear using the most ecological materials and ethical supply chain. Form pioneered soles made of Amazonian natural rubber to developing the first post-petroleum sneaker by utilizing recycled polyester, rice waste, sugarcane, and organic cotton, Veja advances the cause of sustainable design and innovation.

Explore: Veja 


Rothys Eco-friendly Bags And Shoes

Rothy’s has pioneered 3D printing of fashionable footwear using recycled materials. Beloved by customers for their chic silhouettes and bright colors, Rothy’s shoes are spun of polyester made from single-use recycled plastic. Also, find stylish bags of all sizes made of recycled ocean plastic.

Explore: Rothy’s

Marine Layer

Marine Layer Sustainable Fashion

Marine Layer’s upscale casual vibe captures the San Fran and Cali lifestyle. This sustainable clothing brand makes super-soft clothing that feels and looks great using an all-star cast of eco-friendly materials for men, women, and kids, including organic cotton, recycled plastic, hemp, Modal, Tencel, upcycled cotton, linen, and alpaca. 

Explore: Marine Layer


Summersalt Sustainable Fashion Brand Women

To find the perfect fit, Summersalt took over 1.5 million measurements of women’s bodies. The result is an ever-expanding selection of stunning swimsuits, sophisticated sweaters, and luxurious loungewear made with responsibly sourced recycled and organic fabrics (You’ll meet fabrics like Cupro, a plant-based biodegradable fiber that originated in Japan over 100 years ago).

Explore: Summersalt


AllBirds Sustainable Footwear

The most comfortable shoe in the world is made of natural and sustainable materials including wool, sugarcane, and FSC certified tree fiber. Allbirds demonstrates that you can minimize your carbon footprint while maximizing comfort and performance. New styles continue to push the performance and comfort envelope.

Explore: Allbirds

Vitamin A

Vitamin A Sexy Sustainable Swimwear

For over twenty years, Vitamin A has been a pioneer in crafting swimwear that evocatively marries style, performance, and sustainable materials. The first brand to use recycled nylon for swimwear, Vitamin A today utilizes many eco-conscious fabrics like organic cotton and Tencel. Also enjoy soft, plush loungewear made in California using hemp and organic cotton.

Explore: Vitamin A


Outerknown sustainable-organic-cotton

Surf culture and California cool combined with a timeless design ethos distinguish Outerknown’s sustainable clothing brand. Factories and fabrics are selected for their environmental and social integrity, and Outerknown works with the best. Organic cotton plus recycled and regenerated fibers comprise at least 90% of the brand’s products.

Explore: Outerknown


PACT Organic Clothing Brand

Pact makes super-soft clothing and home goods in Fair Trade certified factories using non-GMO, organic cotton.  Cozy basics are available for women, men, and kids. Sheet and towel sets have you covered in the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. The star standout though is the earth-conscious socks made to a perfect thickness and exceptionally comfortable.

Explore: Pact


Ecoalf Eco-Fashion Sustainable Living

Since 2009, Ecoalf has been on a mission to make exceptionally designed, timeless clothing and gear using recycled fabrics. For Ecoalf innovation and sustainability are inseparable. The company has developed over 250 fabrics from discarded materials including used tires, discarded fishing nets, single-use plastic bottles, used coffee grounds, post-consumed cotton, and post-consumed wool.

Explore: Ecoalf

Organic Basics

Organic Basics Organic Sustainable Activewear

Organic Basics is the European-made organic, ethical underwear and activewear brand that’s increasingly covering bums the world over. Founded in Copenhagen, Organic Basics elevates wardrobe staples through its simple yet refined Scandinavian design aesthetic. Products are made of environmentally conscious materials, including organic cotton, Tencel, and recycled wool. 

Explore: Organic Basics


Finisterre Sustainable Fashion

Finisterre is a pioneering sustainable clothing brand rooted in its love for the sea and outdoor adventure. High-performance adventure wear is made of recycled and organically grown fibers. Factories are transparently disclosed on the brand’s website (remarkably few companies are brave/authentic enough to do this).

Explore: Finisterre


Rockay Sustainable Performance Apparel

Rockay makes high-performance, sustainable running apparel and gear made to the highest and most exacting standards. All products are made of 100% recycled materials and come with performance guarantees. For example, if you develop a blister while wearing the company’s socks, Rockay will refund your money.

Explore: Rockay

Amour Vert

Amour Vert Sustainable Fashion Brand

Amour Vert is a cutting-edge sustainable fashion brand making versatile, stylish clothing designed to last. Garments are made of sustainable fibers and products arrive inside compostable, protective bags, and shipping boxes made of recycled materials. 97% of production takes place in California.

Explore: Amour Vert

Sustainable Home Brands

Sheets and Giggles

Sheets and Giggles Eco-Friendly Sheets Eucalyptus Lyocell

Are you ready to learn some sheet? This irreverent upstart doesn’t take itself too seriously, but it does take its commitment to social and environmental sustainability extremely so. Bedding is made of a soft, breathable, moisture-wicking fiber that is responsibly harvested from Eucalyptus trees (it’s called Eucalyptus Lyocell). Compared with cotton, Sheets & Giggles’ sheets use 96% less water, 30% less energy, and zero pesticides.

Explore: Sheets and Giggles


Simbly Sustainable Furniture

Simbly makes sleek, modern sustainable furniture using responsibly harvested, FSC certified wood. This Made in USA brand crafts and ships its furniture from a family-owned factory just outside Asheville, North Carolina. Products are designed for easy and rapid assembly (and dis-assembly) to easily fit your life and go wherever life takes you.

Explore: Simbly


Trumans Nontoxic Sustainable Cleaning Products

Trumans offers cleaning products that are smart, powerful, beautifully designed, and powerfully formulated to clean your clothes, dishes, and surfaces without resorting to harsh chemicals, Frankensteinian fragrances, and loads of plastic packaging. Truman’s nontoxic cleaners are the waste-minimizing, elegant solutions you’ve been dreaming of (you do dream of elegant cleaning solutions, right?).

Explore: Trumans


Happsy Eco-Friendly Natural Organic Mattress

Happy is the natural and organic bed that comes in a box. Soft, comfortable, and supportive, Happsy believes a healthy, good night’s sleep is best created by combing organic cotton, organic latex, organic wool, naturally flame-resistant materials, and individually pocketed springs that disperse heat (to keep you cool) and reduce motion transfer (your partner will thank you). Try it for 120 nights. There’s nothing to lose and so much eco-friendly goodness to gain.

Explore: Happsy

Lettuce Grow

LettuceGrow Farmstand vegetable fruit tower

Lettuce Grow’s sleek, futuristic growing vessels (Farmstands) enable you to feast on fresh produce year-round. These vertical gardens occupy just a fraction of the size of a typical garden bed yet are capable of growing 200 varieties of fruits, vegetables, and herbs in as little as three weeks. Each Farmstand is a self-watering, self-fertilizing, hydroponic marvel made of recycled ocean-bound plastic. Place them indoors or out.

Explore: Lettuce Grow


Medley Sustainable Furniture Brand

Medley handcrafts its non-toxic, sustainable furniture in California. Styles range from cool and classic to streamlined and contemporary. Medley continually strives to incorporate the most beneficial and innovative materials. You’ll find sofas available with organic latex foam and beds made out of kiln-dried, FSC certified wood. The furniture selection is extensive and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Explore: Medley


Buffy Cloud Comforter Sustainable Living

Buffy’s eco-friendly comforters made using sustainably harvested eucalyptus tree fiber, an all-natural, breathable fiber that helps you stay cool all night long. Buffy’s fiber is grown in Austria using 10x less water than conventional cotton. It’s a win for the planet and a win for people who need sleep. Choose from comforters, pillows, sheets, and more.

Explore: Buffy


Goodwell Battery-Free Power Toothbrush

Goodwell is revolutionizing oral care for a healthy planet and a dazzling smile. The sustainable brand’s signature toothbrush features a handle made of recycled aluminum and replaceable brush heads made of biodegradable bioplastic. Charcoal-infused brushes fight off bad-breath causing bacteria.  A new power toothbrush uses no electricity, but just a few manual twists.

Explore: Goodwell


Loomy Eco-Friendly Rugs Handmade

Loomy’s rugs marry beautiful design with sustainability and fair trade. The mission-driven brand works with artisans around the world to bring their craft directly to you. Rugs incorporate natural, upcycled, and recycled materials. In contrast to an industry known for using harsh and harmful chemicals, Loomy’s rugs are also non-toxic and healthy for all the inhabitants in your home (pets included).

Explore: Loomy


Blueland Refillable Safe Cleaners
Concentrated tablets and reusable, refillable bottles are the future of cleaning. Blueland’s safe, non-toxic cleaners come in attractive, convenient forms. They eliminate plastic waste. They cut carbon emissions (shipping a cleaning tablet takes up much less space on a delivery truck than a plastic bottle filled with cleaning solution). Blueland is simply a better way to clean your home.

Explore: Blueland


Gantri Sustainable Lighting LED Plant-Based Plastic

Gantri’s innovative sustainable lighting company combines modern forms with advanced sustainable materials. Collaborating with leading designers to create lighting that feels both fresh yet practical, Gantri’s contemporary lamps are crafted in California and made of renewable, plant-based plastic. They feature industry-leading LED bulbs and are engineered for maximum efficiency, price attainability, and thoughtful functionality.

Explore: Gantri

Sol Organix

Sol Organix Organic Sheets

Sol Organix makes premium, timeless bedding using high-quality, Fair Trade organic cotton. Silky, lightweight, breathable, and exceptionally well-stitched, Sol Organix’s sheets embody ethical luxury bedding. Though the company pays a 15% Fair Trade wage premium to its workforce, its sheets and other products are accessibly priced (this is a direct-to-consumer, no middleman, sustainable brand).

Explore: Sol Organix

Who Gives A Crap

Who Gives A Crap Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper

Who Gives A Crap makes delightful, premium toilet paper using rapidly growing and renewable bamboo and recycled paper. Who Gives A Crap? This sustainable brand most certainly does. 50% of profits are donated to charities that build toilets and improve sanitation for the 2.3 billion people living on this planet who are still in need. Your bum deserves a soft, sustainable wipe. And these are free of inks, dyes, and scents too.

Explore: Who Gives A Crap


Loop Sustainable Reusable Packaging System

Loop is a new shopping experience that lets you buy all the brands you love but receive them in beautifully designed, reusable packaging. The process is simple: 1) Shop the Loop site or in the Loop aisle at Walgreens for products you know and love 2) when you’re finished, just ship the empty containers back to Loop via UPS or drop them off at Walgreens. Containers are cleaned, sanitized, and reused. Through this closed-loop, “circular system,” Loop is making “reuse” the new, extremely convenient norm.

Explore: Loop


Thuma Sustainable Bed Brand

Sol Organix makes premium, timeless bedding using high-quality, Fair Trade organic cotton. Silky, lightweight, breathable, and exceptionally well-stitched, Sol Organix’s sheets embody ethical luxury bedding. Though the company pays a 15% Fair Trade wage premium to its workforce, its sheets and other products are accessibly priced (this is a direct-to-consumer, no middleman, sustainable brand).

Explore: Thuma

Fresh n’ Lean

Fresh-n-lean Sustainable Home Meal Delivery Kit

What’s the easiest way to eat freshly prepared organic meals? Barring your own personal chef, the answer is Fresh n’ Lean. The company’s chefs prepare regionally grown, locally prepared meals that are nutrient-dense and super tasty. Pop them in the microwave for a couple of minutes and breakfast, lunch or dinner is served. Fresh n’ Lean can also accommodate paleo, keto, plant-based, and other specialized diets.

Explore: Fresh n’ Lean


LIFX Led Color Bulb Sustainable Living

LIFX makes energy-efficient lighting that is wifi enabled, voice and app controllable, and engineered to bathe you in incredible light. From white to warm to over a billion color combinations, LIFX’s LED bulbs are embedded with innovation. Products include standard-sized bulbs, dazzling night lights, ceiling lights, and outdoor lights. On the horizon, everyday lights that kill bacteria.

Explore: LIFX


Thuma Sustainable Bed Brand

Among sustainable brands, Avocado is at the forefront of enabling a fully organic, natural, and sustainable bedroom. Avocado’s mattresses are handcrafted in Los Angeles using non-toxic and 100% organic certified materials from the company’s own farms. Their selection includes award-winning mattresses, pillows, toppers, bedding, and responsibly made bedroom furniture.

Explore: Avocado

By Humankind

By Humankind Reusable Sustainable Products

By Humankind’s natural personal care products are scientifically proven to perform and guaranteed to minimize single-use plastic packaging. Reusable, refillable, and, frankly, wonderful, By Humankind cleverly designed products – from toothpaste to floss to deodorant to shampoo – deliver an exceptional experience to upgrade your daily hygiene routine while simultaneously reducing your environmental impact.

Explore: By Humankind


Sense Smart Home Energy Management Device

Sense is the smart home energy management system that takes your good-looking but dumb-as-wood home and imbues it with intelligence. Sense installs in your home’s electrical panel and immediately starts readings the electrical current being drawn. Its algorithms identify your appliances and devices to provide real-time energy usage insights. Thus empowered, you can make better decisions to manage and reduce energy consumption.

Explore: Sense


Ekobo Bamboo Colander Kitchenware Sustainable Living

Ekobo’s sustainable tableware, kitchenware, home accessories, and to-go ware are designed to simplify life, celebrate beauty, and minimize waste. Founded in 2003, the Ekobo has become known for its premium bamboo products made using its proprietary IOBU® bamboo fiber eco-composite that it developed in 2010. Today, the line also includes the use of cork, recycled plastic, and organic cotton. Products are dishwasher-safe and easy to care for.

Explore: Ekobo

Sustainable Gear Brands


Paravel Sustainable Luggage Recycled Plastic

Paravel builds feature-rich, ultra-stylish luggage made from high-grade, recycled materials. From carry-on suitcases to backpacks, duffels, and more, Paravel embraces materials like recycled nylon, recycled aircraft-grade aluminum, recycled hardshell plastic, and even recycled zippers.

Explore: Paravel


Nimble Wireless Charging Pad Sustainable Materials Eco Living

We spend more time with our phones than our loved ones. Now you can charge your phone and protect your phone using hemp and recycled materials. Nimble’s wireless and portable chargers are stylish, well-designed, high-performance. Rely on them for your mobile lifestyle to easily make sustainable choices core to your everyday routine.

Explore: Nimble


Jackery Solar Office Anywhere

Part of the promise of solar is its unique capability to let us live and work wherever we want. Jackery is a solar energy and generator company that builds elegant solutions. Founded by a former Apple products engineer, Jackery’s sleek and compact generators contain industry-leading lithium batteries. Solar panels and generators easily connect to one another enabling your devices to run on sunshine.

Explore: Jackery


Solgaard Ocean Plastics Sustainable Backpacks

Solgaard designs sustainable products that help you live life on the go. Backpacks integrate solar panels and are constructed with a proprietary, high-performance fabric made from upcycled ocean plastic. Travel luggage is similarly made with recycled materials, and like all Solgaard products, packed with intelligent features (like an expandable interior shelving system) that keep you organized and happy.

Explore: Solgaard

Sustainable Transportation Brands

Zero Motorcycles

Zero Motorcycles Zero Emissions Mobility

Zero Motorcycles is a groundbreaking motorcycle company that has been 100% electric since Day One. Its engineering is industry-leading and world-class offering rapid charging, instant torque, and a battery range of over 200 miles per change. Plus, electric motorcycles require nearly zero maintenance. No grease or grime. Just instant speed.

Explore: Zero Motorcycles


Vanmoof Electric Bike Greaseless Sustainable

Navigate your urban environment in sleek, zero-emission style with a powerful e-bike from VanMoof. Equipped with a greaseless chain, integrated anti-theft technology, and an intelligent motor tuned for maximum power. Bolt up hills without breaking a sweat. Accelerate your commute in a single bound. For many, VanMoof’s electric bikes spell the end of car-driving.

Explore: VanMoof


Unagi Electric Scooter Sustainable Living

Unagi blends sleek styling, cutting-edge tech, and masterful convenience to design the ultimate e-scooter for grownups. It folds in one-touch, smoothly accelerates, lets you enjoy all the fresh air you can handle, and eliminates the stress of searching for parking spots. All you do is charge it up and go. Goodbye greenhouse gas emissions.

Explore: Unagi

Priority Bicycles

Brilliant L Train Priority Bikes Commuter Bicycle

For lazy environmentalists, most bikes have a couple of key design flaws that Priority Bikes eliminates. First, Priority utilizes a greaseless chain to avoid ruined pant legs. Second, Priority equips its bicycles with puncture-proof tires to avoid flats. Maintenance-free bicycling is now yours and at extremely accessible prices. So where does Priority make all this goodness? In the heart of New York City.

Explore: Priority Bicycles


tarform electric motorcyle cafe racer sustainable mobility

Tarform’s sleek evocative electric motorcycle is reminiscent of old-school cafe racers. Components are made from sustainable materials, including recycled aluminum and flax fibers that replace petroleum plastic. The seat is made of biodegradable “pineapple” vegan leather. But this is no hippie burlap sack on wheels. Zero to sixty takes just 3.8 seconds. The bike’s battery delivers a 120-mile range on a single charge. Smart tech is integrated everywhere to enhance the journey.

Explore: Tarform


Arcimoto Stylish Electric Vehicle

Arcimoto makes affordable, ultra-fun, ultra-efficient electric vehicles. This sustainable brand’s three-wheeled are nimble, quick, stable, and road-safe. Hit top speeds of 75 mph and achieve over 100 miles of driving on a single charge. Designed and assembled at the company’s manufacturing plant in Oregon.

Explore: Arcimoto

RAd Power Bikes

RadPower E-Bikes Eco-Friendly Brand

Rad Power Bikes designs a full suite of accessibly priced e-bikes to suit nearly all needs. The sustainable brand’s signature RadWagon 4 is a sturdy, stylish SUB (Suburban Utility Bike) designed to haul kids, groceries, and gear. It can achieve up to 45 miles on a single charge and hold up to 350 pounds of cargo. Now that’s a lot of cabbage.

Explore: Rad Power Bikes

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