This Taylor Stitch Jacket Is Refined And Organic

by | Oct 29, 2020

Every man needs a stylish, versatile fall jacket in their wardrobe. It should look cool and have subtle yet distinctive features. It should help a man clean up well but not appear to be trying too hard to do so. Effortless is the word that comes to mind.

The jacket should also be functional, not simply an adornment but actually, something made and tailored for outdoor activities. Plus, it should look equally good indoors and not make its occupant sweaty and overheated while twirling the ice in his scotch tumbler.

Too tall an order? Not for The Gibson Jacket by Taylor Stitch. To top it off, this fine-looking corduroy jacket hits all those marks and while making a marvelous sustainable fashion statement; it’s made of eco-friendly, organic cotton.

Taylor Stitch is a brand for men who want it all — their planet and their rugged, good-looking style too.

the gibson jacket by taylor stitch

Gibson Jacket Taylor Stitch Organic Cotton Sustainably Made
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Men Sustainable Style Gibson Organic Cotton Jacket
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Men Sustainable Style Organic Cotton Jacket Detail
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PRICE: $298

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