25 Sustainable Gifts For Design Fans And Environmentalists

by | Dec 7, 2020

‘Tis the season for sharing sustainable gifts that lift our spirits and elevate our aesthetics. Eco-friendly gift-giving is an opportunity to spread cheer during the holidays and show those you love how delightful blending style and sustainability can be.

Sustainable gifts are soft and cozy. They are bold and bright. They minimize our environmental footprint easily. Effortlessly.

In environmental circles, the rush of holiday shopping gets a bad rap. Plundering the earth for a polyester puffer jacket? Eviscerating ecological ecosystems for an eye mask? It is certainly vexing that we, as a society, largely elect to evade knowledge of how the products we gift are made.

But this is not the moment for recriminations. This is a time for celebration. A modern, beautifully designed, sustainable future is on the horizon. Eco-minded designers and engineers are determinedly building it.

They are sustainability’s industrious elves, toiling in Santa’s shop, expanding the possibilities to enjoy the art of gifting while treading lighter on the planet.

Here are 25 sustainable gifts that are Mother Nature approved and sure to bring a smile to design fans and environmentalists alike. Happy holidays!


25 Sustainable Gifts for the holidays

1. isle north hat by askov finlayson

Minneapolis-based Askov Finlayson is on a mission to keep the north cold so we can continue to experience winter wonderlands. The brand’s colorful, lively winter hats are made of 100% recycled yarn and will keep you warm and toasty.

Price: $20

2. naadam $75 cashmere sweater

Cashmere feels right at home during the holidays. Naadam sources its premium cashmere directly from Mongolian herders in the Gobi Desert. By going direct and cutting out the middlemen, Naadam ensures local herders are compensated fairly while keeping prices wildly accessible. The $75 Cashmere sweater is ultra-soft and available in 15 colors.

Price: $75

3. lifx color led bulb

Create just the right ambiance for your festivities with this cool (to the touch) LED bulb that shines in 16 million different color possibilities. It connects conveniently to a home wifi network, allowing you to adjust color and brightness by an app or voice (ask Alexa or the Google Assistant or use an Apple Homekit). The energy-efficient Color Bulb is equivalent in brightness to a 60-watt incandescent but uses only 9-watts of energy.


4. rocketbook reusable notebook

Make your list and check it twice without using a single scrap of paper. Rocketbook’s reusable, 32-page notebook enables you to jot handwritten notes and upload them to the cloud (Google Drive, Dropbox, and many more), and then wipe the notebook clean with a cloth to reuse it. The handy Rocketbook app also reads handwriting and transcribes it  into text. It’s a tree saver.

Price: $29.56

5. Humanium Watch

Triwa’s Humanium Watch collection is working to make the world more peaceful this holiday season. It’s constructed of Humanium metal, a specialty recycled material made by melting down repossessed illegal firearms from global conflict zones. A vegetable-tanned leather strap complements the unique and beautiful face.

Prices range from $229 (picture one) – $699

6. sustainable rugs by loomy

Deck the floor with a sustainably made rug. Loomy’s evocative, contemporary and classic statement rugs are handwoven by artisans in India using natural, renewable, and recycled fabrics. Within Loomy’s Natural Collection, The Flamenco Dancing Rug (picture one) is made principally of sustainably sourced New Zealand wool and treated with non-toxic, low-impact dyes.

Price: $518 to $4998 (sizing starts with runners and extends up to the largest rug size of 12′ x 15′)

7. bamboozle nesting bowls

With so much baking to do this holiday season (we go all in for chocolate cake in our house), a good set of nesting bowls is extremely handy. These seven sturdy, space-saving bowls nest inside one another. They’re dishwasher-safe and made of rapidly renewable bamboo.

You’ll also receive the matching measuring spoons while supplies last.

Price: $74

8. Bearaby Sustainable Weighted Blanket

Create good vibes and happy moods by gifting a weighted blanket made of sustainable materials this holiday. Weighted blankets are known for their many calming, anxiety-alleviating, health-related benefits. Bearaby blankets beg to be curled up in and come in organic cotton, sustainable Eucalyptus fiber, and velvety upcycled polyester (one blanket uses the equivalent of 900 recycled, single-use plastic water bottles).

Price: $249 – $299 (depending on weight)

9. Tavola recycled whiskey glasses by Newly

Raise your spirits this holiday season by pouring some spirits into Newly’s finely weighted whiskey tumblers made of recycled glass. Well-balanced and handmade by Spanish artisans, they’re perfect for single malts and spiked punches. $54 (set of six)

10. Paravel Aviator Carry-On

Give the gift of hope this holiday season. Hope that one day soon we will once again take to the skies and travel. The most impeccable way to do so is with an Aviator carry-on from Paravel. These timeless and classic beauties are made with a recycled polycarbonate outer shell, a lining made from 15 recycled water bottles, and an aircraft-grade, recycled aluminum telescopic handle.

Price: $255

11. Coyuchi Organic Jersey Sheets

Not too hot, not too cold, these breathable, super-soft 100% organic cotton jersey sheets are just the right weight to stay cozy and comfortable when the winter winds blow. They manage to keep their cool in sweltering summers too. Purchase them by the set or as individual sheets. Other colors are also available.

Price: $178 (Queen sheet set)

12. nimble wireless charger pad

Stay charged and connected to the ones you love with this sleek, wireless charger pad from Nimble. Devices begin charging as soon as they touch the fabric surface, which is made of organic hemp and recycled polyester. Charges two devices at once.

Price: $48.97


13. Unagi Electric Scooter

The future of grown-up scootering is here. Stash one of these under the tree and watch your partner’s face alight with child-like glee. The Unagi e-scooter is simple to charge and a blast to ride. It’s engineered to accelerate up to 17 mph and capable of traveling just over 15 miles on a single charge. Unagi folds up with one-touch for easy carrying and stowing. Recharge time is 4-5 hours. Loads of colors and color customizations are possible.

Price: $840 and up

14. sunski blue light glasses

Intelligent looks are what we crave from our blue light blocking glasses. Especially with all the Zoom business meetings during the day and Zoom holiday festivities at night. These stylish lookers from Sunski are made of recycled plastic. Four different styles to choose from.

Price: $58

15. pebble by otherware

Sing the praises of reusable, to-go utensils this holiday season. With a case made from recycled CDs and Pharrell Williams backing the venture in partnership with circular design firm Pentatonic, the Pebble by Otherware is positively lyrical in its sculpted good-looks. Handles are made of recycled plastic, and tips are made of recyclable stainless steel. Each Pebble includes a fork, knife, spoon, straw, and pair of chopsticks.

Price: $59

16. Coyuchi Mediterranean Organic Towels

Feel fabulous when drying off with these 100% organic cotton Mediterranean Towels from Coyuchi. Made in Turkey, where bathing is its own art form, these flatweave towels possess worldly charm, a luxurious feel, and excellent absorption. Purchase individual sizes or as a set. Multiple color options are available.

Price: $148 (Set includes 2 bath towels, 2 guest towels, and 2 washcloths)

17. who gives a crap toilet paper

Everyone can use a sustainable stash of toilet paper this holiday season. Who Gives A Crap has got your bum, er, back—this irreverent upstart ships toilet paper made of responsibly grown bamboo and 100% recycled paper. Shipping is carbon neutral. And 50% of all profits are donated to help build toilets for those in need.

Best Price: $48 for 48 rolls of recycled 3-ply TP (save $10 with a subscription)

18. Palm Task Light by gantri

Let your loved ones see themselves in their best possible light. The Palm Task Light brings modern sustainable design to home offices and bedsides through LED bulbs for energy-efficient lighting and bioplastics for its delightful, organic form. Palm is capable of 270° of motion to direct light wherever it’s needed most.

Price: $198

19. Mobius backpack

The jackknife of backpacks, Mobius expands and shrinks. It opens from the top and back. It’s replete with key features like a water bottle pocket and a padded laptop sleeve. It’s made from high-performance recycled fabric equivalent to 31 recycled plastic bottles. Zippers, buckles, and trims are made from recycled post-industrial factory waste. Perhaps most unique of all, the backpack’s ergonomic and protective foam is biobased and derived from algae blooms.

Price: $128

20. sodastream fizzi

Let the bubbly flow during the holidays with a slim and sleek sparkling water maker from Sodastream. It’s easy, fun, and exceedingly convenient to have one of these devices on the counter. Cross all those single-use aluminum cans of sparkling water off the guest list. Sodastream makes them unnecessary and unwanted house guests.

Price: 71.99 for the Starter Pack (includes Sparkling Water Maker, Carbonating Cylinder, and 1L Bottle)

21. askov finlayson winter parka

Play outside this season in a well-made, finely tailored winter coat that promises to keep you warm and protected. The Winter Parka incorporates expedition-grade, 3M™ Thinsulate™ 100% Recycled Insulation, rated to maintain warmth even when the temperature drops to minus 20. The outer shell is also made of 100% recycled fabric. Clever hood, lapel, and cuff details also help keep the cold out so you can stay out.

Price: $495

22. allbirds tree dashers

Indulge your holiday sweet tooth and jog off any excess with a pair of Tree Dashers.  A most unordinary – and rather extraordinary – performance running shoe, it’s made heel-to-toe with natural materials. The snug-fitting upper is knitted from FSC certified Eucalyptus fiber. A midsole made of sugarcane offers sweet stability. The heel has a merino wool lining to help keep feet firmly locked in place.

Price: $125

23. jackery solar panels and generator

If you associate the holidays more with “escape” than “enjoy,” Jackery’s solar panels and generator are the gifts of freedom. Masterfully designed to work as simply as any home appliance, the combination presents a zero-emissions opportunity to work and relax wherever you darn well please. Find your ideal getaway, plug in your devices, including a laptop, and allow those unhealed childhood memories, wounds, and emotions to melt away.

Price: $799.98

24. A Good Bottle by A Good Company

Hydration is an essential holiday-survival strategy. Whether it’s a rum-spiced hot toddy or recovery fluids for nursing that hangover, we can all benefit from a well-made reusable bottle. A Good Bottle is a reusable bottle made from recycled materials, in this case, a premium recycled Swedish stainless steel. It’s dishwasher-safe, durable to last forever, and available in an assortment of attractive colors. Price: $35

25. priority l train bicycle

Bring good cheer to the neighborhood (Lord knows we need it this year) and expand the range of your Christmas carolling on a bike made with a greaseless chain and puncture-proof tires. It’s the maintenance-free and anxiety-free way to ride. The L Train Bicycle features a classic commuter bike frame, high-quality components, and a lovely leather seat. It’s made and tested in the mad-dash streets of New York City. 

Price: $650

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