5 Standout, Sustainably Made Reusable Water Bottles

by | Dec 13, 2020

Reusable water bottles are increasingly part of our daily routines. They keep our coffee piping hot and our chilled drinks refreshingly cold. They help us stay hydrated and healthy. The best designed reusable bottles fit neatly into our bags and into our lives.

Reusable water bottles are also badges of environmental distinction. Carrying one signals your planetary consciousness to the rest of the world. It elevates your personal brand. Gives it an intelligence boost.

That’s because their environmental merits are widely understood and appreciated; the more we use them, the less we consume beverages in single-use plastic bottles; hence, the less waste we create. Americans consume 1500 such bottles every second, 80% of which never get recycled, so personally limiting our impact matters.

Taking small steps to eliminate our reliance on disposable plastic water bottles personally resonates with me. As sustainable living was entering mainstream consciousness in the 2000s, I spent four years as the national spokesperson for Brita and its FilterForGood campaign to reduce bottled water waste.

I went on Morning Joe and other TV shows to carry our message of easy conservation. I made PSAs at the Sundance Film Festival. As Brita’s spokesperson, my job was to tout the campaign as often as possible. Once at the film festival, I got (read: had no choice) to share our message before a Lady Antebellum concert (they were also part of Brita’s campaign), which meant it fell to me to introduce the band. Here it is:

So, I believe in reusable water bottles. But there’s a dark side to them. Most are unsustainable in their manufacture. Almost every reusable bottle, even those from the best known reusable water bottle brands, produce them using finite, virgin raw materials, which, by definition, is the opposite of sustainable. They use virgin steel, aluminum, glass, plastic, or something generically named “metal.”

Still, opting for just about any reusable bottle will reduce your environmental impact, provided you use it to avoid drinks that come in disposable packaging.

But some reusable bottles are more elite. Better for the environment. They’re made from recycled and renewable materials, which means the positive environmental benefit is already in the bottle when you buy it.

At Lazy Environmentalist, we search for the best sustainable products. The ones that combine innovation, aesthetics, and authentic, sustainable practices. The five reusable water bottles listed here are in a different class. They are sustainable to their core.

5 Best Reusable Water Bottles

Ocean Bottle Recycled Ocean Bound Plastic
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1. ocean bottle

The Ocean Bottle provides hot-cold double insulation, is dishwasher-safe, and is easy to fill and clean thanks to its clever three-part design. Each sleek reusable water bottle is made of recycled stainless steel and recycled ocean-bound plastic. Further enhancing its positive impact, every ocean bottle funds the collection of 1000 plastic bottles, pays those who collect them a fair wage, and intercepts the bottles before they enter our oceans.

Price: $54

Buoy Bottle Recycled Ocean Plastic Reusable Water Bottle
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2. buoy bottle


Buoy Bottle is the first sustainably made reusable water bottle crafted from 100% recycled ocean-bound plastic (bottles are collected from rivers, lakes, and streams before entering the ocean). It too features a functional 3-part design that allows for easy cleaning and filling. The top two components can be used in combination as a drinking cup. It’s lightweight, dishwasher-safe, and simple to carry. It’s also made in the U.S.A.

Price: $28 (Now On Indiegogo)

Rockay Recycled Reusable Water Bottle
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3. Rockay water bottle

Insulated for hot and cold drinks, Rockay’s high-performance water bottle makes a great exercise companion and keeps you hydrated throughout the day.  A clean, minimalist design, the bottle is made of recycled stainless steel with a screw-top lid from recycled plastic. In addition, for each bottle sold, Rockay funds the removal of 77 plastic water bottles from our oceans.

Price: $29

Recycled Steel Reusable Water Bottle A Good Bottle
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4. A Good Bottle

A Good Company, based in Sweden, is a mission-driven lifestyle brand crafting all sorts of stylish sustainable goods including A Good Bottle, the handy, functional reusable water bottle made from 100% premium recycled Swedish steel. This streamlined bottle holds hot and cold drinks, is dishwasher safe, and reusable forever.

Price: $35 (get 10% off with code “lazye”)

Yuhmi Reusable Water Bottle Sustainable Sugarcane
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5. Yuhme Bottle

The first reusable water bottle made from natural, renewable sugarcane. This bioplastic is BPA-free and toxin-free. Yuhme bottles are strong, durable, and dishwasher-safe. Each bottle purchases provides three months of clean drinking water for a person in the Central African Republic.

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