7 Sustainable Phone Cases Blending Innovation and Design

by | Jul 28, 2020

It occurred to me recently that everyone owns a phone case. Like EVERYONE. Hardly a mobile phone goes naked these days. Most are covered in plastic cases made from oil, gas, and coal, e.g. fossil fuels.

That’s hardly ideal. It seems like we, the human race, at the apex of civilization, could do better.

And in fact, we are. Groundbreaking designers and brands are developing inspiring and profoundly innovative materials that are environmentally friendly, sustainable, and aligned with a clean economy. Their phone cases are eco-friendly solutions that you can hold in the palm of your hand.

In some instances, their solutions are opening new paths to creating a circular economy. And they do it while elevating design.

Here are seven recommendations for eco-friendly phone cases that are stylish, durable, and boldly future-forward.

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sustainable phone cases

a good mobile case by a good company

A good company plant based materials phone case
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There’s zero percent plastic in this unique, style statement of a phone case. It’s made instead from linseed plant waste grown near the company’s headquarters in Sweden. The case is backyard compostable and can be recycled for a credit towards a new case anytime via A Good Company’s circularity program. Compatible with most Apple and Samsung phones. Multiple designs and colors are available.

PRICE: $40

EXPLORE: A Good Mobile Case (Take 10% off with code LazyE)

popsicase recycled phone case from ocean fishing nets
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Made from recycled ocean plastic, specifically fishing nets used in the Mediterranean Sea, this case is a study in sustainable innovation and beautiful design. It’s part of Popsicase’s Textures of the Earth Collection showcasing the renowned photography of Yann Arthus-Bertrand. (producer of Human the movie).

Made in Spain, Popsicase’s phone cases directly promote ocean conservation and the concept of the circular economy; when you’re done with your case, send it back, and Popsicase will recycle it into a new case (plus you’ll get a 25% credit towards your next case).

Compatible with Apple iPhones. Ships worldwide.

PRICE: $39 (including shipping)

EXPLORE: Bondi Beach Naked Phone Case

pela clear case

Pela biodegradable eco-friendly cellphone cases
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Made from plant-based materials, this is the world’s first fully compostable transparent phone case. With impact-absorbent edges and a durable back, you’ll be protected from impacts, drops, and scratches. Say goodbye to plastic and hello to Flaxstic, Pela’s proprietary blend of biopolymers and Canadian Prairie flax shive. Available in nine colors.

PRICE: $44.95

EXPLORE: Pela Clear Cases

Cork Case by 15:21

15_21 sustainable cork phone case
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Stockholm-based 15:21 creates everyday essentials using minimalist design principles. The firm’s material of choice is premium cork, a natural and renewable resource from Portugal’s cork forests. The Cork Case is a durable slim design that is naturally hypoallergenic, resilient to scratches, and supports wireless charging. 

PRICE: 39 Euro (Approx. $46 – ships free worldwide)

EXPLORE: 15:21 Cork Case (scroll to see full assortment)

 what to look for when choosing sustainable phone accessories:

1. Eco-Friendly Materials – when companies use sustainable materials consumers wins because the “eco-benefits” are built right into the products your purchasing. Look for:

  • Naturally grown and renewable fibers such as organic cotton and hemp. They eliminate the need for synthetic toxic pesticides and require less water to grow.
  • Sustainably harvested materials such as FSC certified wood and cork
  • Rapidly renewable materials like bamboo and merino wool
  • Recycled materials
  • Reclaimed and upcycled materials

2. Durability – choose products that utilize high-quality materials and components

3. Recyclability – products that can be easily recycled at the end of their useful life and thus transformed from waste back into resources minimize the need for virgin resources.


Custom compostable case by casetify

casetify customizable biodegradable compostable cell phone case
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Personalize your phone with these innovative cases made of Ecotify, Casetify’s proprietary blend of bamboo, corn starch, and biopolymers. The resulting plant-based material is biodegradable and compostable at the end of your phone case’s useful life. It’s also extremely sturdy, providing strength and durability and protection from drops of up to four feet.

PRICE: $50

EXPLORE: Custom Compostable Case

toast sustainable phone case
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The detailing is extraordinary. The wood is responsibly sourced. The finishes are zero VOC. Toast’s ultra-slim wood phone cases are precision engineered for beautiful aesthetics and proper protection. Easily add a personalized touch with custom engravings. Compatible with many phone brands and models including Apple and Samsung. Made in Portland, Oregon in a facility powered by 100% renewable energy.

PRICE: $39 (most custom options add $5 – $10)

EXPLORE: Phone Wood Cover

Nimble recycled phone case made from plastic bottles
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Made of 100% recycled plastic bottles. The Case 2 includes a built-in card and ID holder. It’s slim and protective, water-resistant, and features a durable fabric exterior. 5% of proceeds go to environmental causes. Compatible with newer Apple iPhones.

PRICE: $44.95

EXPLORE: Bottle Case 2  (see All Nimble Cases)

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