12 Stylish Sustainable Sneakers To Wear Every Day

by | Jul 18, 2020

I don’t know exactly when it became completely acceptable to wear sneakers practically everywhere, but we most definitely live in the era of sneaker dominion. I do recall wearing Chuck Taylors to my fraternity’s formal back in college, but that’s a memory I prefer to forget and an apology I still owe to my date.

Today, however, is different. It’s now perfectly acceptable to wear sneakers to a wedding or a briss.  You can wear sneakers to a job interview or a Board meeting. You can wear sneakers to the opera. You can wear sneakers to meet your girlfriend’s parents. You can wear sneakers while you lounge away the day. You can wear sneakers when you go out to play. You can wear sneakers in the snow. You can wear them whenever and wherever you go.

The irony, of course, is that sneakers were originally invented for sneaking around. They were worn by detectives in London. They weren’t ostentatious. You weren’t meant to be seen in them. Quite the opposite. You were meant to be unseen in them. 

But history is in the past, and we live in the present. There’s no more “sneak” in sneakers. And to that, we say good riddance. We’ll sneak around in our bare feet, thank you very much. Especially if we want to eat cookies and ice cream before the kids wake up. Hey, it’s a pandemic. Don’t judge.

Here is our list of amazingly stylish and cool sustainable sneakers. They are made with an array of innovative eco-friendly materials. They conserve resources and minimize waste. They let you step out – to the degree you’re currently stepping out – in style and comfort. They elevate “your game” just as they minimize your environmental footprint.

stylish sustainable sneakers

1. veja condor

Veja Eco-Friendly Sneakers
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The first post-petroleum running shoe. The Condor features a retro-cool style and an array of sustainable materials. it’s made with organic cotton, recycled polyester, jute, rice waste, sugarcane, and Amazonian natural rubber.

PRICE: 140 Euros (Approx. $159)

FOR: Men and Women

EXPLORE: Veja Condor

2. Tree dashers by allbirds

Allbirds tree dasher running shoes wool
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From the maker of the most comfortable shoes in the world comes the Tree Dashers, a running shoe made of earth-friendly renewable materials. The shoe’s upper is knitted from lightweight and durable FSC certified eucalyptus tree fiber. The sugarcane midsole (which Allbirds invented) provides cushioning and stability. Natural rubber provides the traction.

PRICE: $125

FOR: Men and Women

EXPLORE: Tree Dashers

3. royale knit by greats

Royale Knit sneakers recycled plastic by Greats
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A clean design, sporty sneaker sporting uppers made from recycled plastic – using the equivalent of seven single-use disposable bottles. These machine-washable kicks also come with natural rubber soles. Dress them up or dress them down, these sneakers give you loads of flexibility.

PRICE: $119

FOR: Men and Women

EXPLORE: Royale Knit

4. the court sneaker by everlane

The Everlane Court Trainer sustainable materials recyled
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The sustainable brand known for elevating basics is rapidly expanding its footwear collection. The Court Sneaker benefits from a leather upper made at an eco-friendly Gold Certified tannery in Vietnam. The soles are a blend of natural and recycled rubber. 100% of the carbon footprint of this sneaker is offset through Native Energy. 

PRICE: $98

FOR: Men and Women

EXPLORE: The Court Sneaker

5. Renew Chuck Taylor All Star by converse

Renew Chuck Taylor All Start Recycled Cotton
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One of the most classic and storied sneakers of all-time now gains serious environmental credibility with its Converse Renew Collection. These long loved high-tops are made with a distinctive canvas composed of 30% recycled polyester, 30% recycled cotton canvas, and 40% virgin cotton. It also features recycled laces.

PRICE: $60

FOR: Men and Women

EXPLORE: Renew Chuck Taylor All Star

6. phoenix by oliver cabell

oliver cabell phoenix eco-friendly sneaker
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 3D printed from recycled materials, the Phoenix is light and breezy and great as an everyday shoe. Its manufacture uses the equivalent of seven recycled plastic bottles. Wear it sockless and just pop it in the washing machine to clean. Simple, easy, and environmentally friendly.

PRICE: $98

FOR: Men

EXPLORE: Phoenix

7. gridway by merrell

merrell gridway sneaker eco-friendly recycled materials
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The Gridway features a knit upper made from 100% recycled materials. These breathable, sporty low-top shoes have a sock-like fit. The removable footbed is made of 50% recycled materials, as does the midsole, while the sole features 30% recycled materials.

PRICE: $98

FOR: Men

EXPLORE: Gridway (Available at Zappos)

8. primus lite ii by vivobarefoot

vivobarefoot eco-friendly sneakers
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Wide, flat, and ultra-thin are the hallmarks of Vivobarefoot’s shoes. The Primus Lite II is a performance running sneaker and style statement made of recycled plastic and bio-based materials. Exceptionally lightweight, the shoe enables your foot to move naturally with minimal interference. So go ahead: train hard and tread lightly.

PRICE: $145

FOR: Men and Women

EXPLORE: Primus Lite II

9. Sneakers Bora by ecoalf

Ecoalf sneakers bora recycled materials sustainable
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Ecoalf is a Spanish fashion brand dedicated to making clothing that eliminates plastic from our oceans. The Bora’s lightweight and breathable upper contains 60% polyester made from recycled bottles collected from the seabed.

PRICE: $105

FOR: Men and Women

EXPLORE: Sneakers Bora (Update: Sold Out) – See all Ecoalf Sneakers

10. the zilker by suavs

The Zilker by Suavs 100% recycled knit upper sustainable eco-friendly
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Go anywhere and do anything in these super dope kicks from Suavs. Made of 100% post-consumer recycled fiber using 3D knitting technology. Machine-washable, packs flat, and ready to move when you are.

PRICE: $95

FOR: Men and Women

EXPLORE: The Zilker

11. Low Top by nothing new

Nothing New Eco-Friendly Sneakers Recycled and Sustainable Materials
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Made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic and other sustainable materials, Nothing New’s sneakers come in crisp, bold colors that defy “eco-friendly” stereotypes. They feature quality stitch construction and precision details that ensure these sneakers – that are made of nothing new – will last and last and require nothing else new of you too.

PRICE: $95

FOR: Men and Women


12. the lace up by rothy’s

rothys recycled sustainable sneakers
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Rothy’s brings street style and sustainable craftsmanship to its lace-up sneaker collection. Fantastic detailing and a super comfortable footbed will make quickly make these your favorites. Made of a fabulous concoction of recycled and bio-based materials.

PRICE: $165

FOR: Women

EXPLORE: The Lace Up

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