10 Stylish Sustainable Watches Well Worth Your Time

by | Oct 30, 2020

Sustainable watches that combine modern, minimalist design with environmental values are arriving in the nick of time. That’s because time is not exactly on our side when it comes to reducing our reliance on the planet’s finite resources. We’ve got some sustainable shopping to do.

We know that watches are symbols. Yet, what they symbolize is evolving just as our cultural perception of what constitutes value is shifting. Watches made with greater consideration for people and the planet are in ascendance. Status is increasingly tied to elevated consciousness.

An example of this trend is the Humanium watch by Triwa.  Check out the video.

A timepiece always makes a statement. Today we can choose eco-friendly watches that tell time, look stunning, and convey a message of conservation, consciousness, and hope.

It’s easy to make time for the ten groundbreaking sustainable watches listed here.

10 stylish sustainable watches

Triwa Humanium Watch Recycled Metal From Firearms
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Gorgeous and sophisticated looks are front and center in this watch made from Humanium metal, a recycled material created from melting down seized illegal firearms from around the world. A portion of sales supports fighting the spread of illegal firearms, rebuilding conflict-torn societies, and offering support to armed violence victims.

PRICE: $299

EXPLORE: Humanium Watch

Circular Clockwork Watches Eco-Friendly Recycled Materials
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Circular Clockworks designs every aspect of this watch with an eye towards minimalist good looks and planetary consciousness. The wristbands are made from recycled leather. The plastic casing and body are made from recycled consumer products like refrigerators, coffee makers, and televisions. The entire manufacturing process is predicated upon circular design principles — nothing goes to waste; instead, every component is recycled and repurposed to become once again usable.

PRICE: 149 Euros (approx. $174)

EXPLORE: The Circular Watch


Swatch Bioplastic Sustainable Watch 1983
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Swatch, the Swiss brand that’s been making a bright, colorful plastic splash since the 1980s, is again shaking up the watch industry. The 1983 Bioloaded Reloaded Watch is still made of plastic, but unlike the original, this newly released version is made of bioplastic derived from castor plant seeds.

PRICE: $70 – 150

EXPLORE: The 1983 Bioreloaded Watch Collection

4. the naturalist watch by panda

Panda Sustainable Bamboo Watch Eco-Friendly Cork Strap
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Beautifully designed using premium, natural, renewable materials, The Naturalist comes with a wristband made of eco-friendly cork and a casing made from sustainably harvested bamboo. Panda prides itself on giving back and supporting worthy environmental and social causes. Every purchase of The Naturalist watch supports the state of Washington’s Natural Park Fund.

PRICE: $160

EXPLORE: The Naturalist Watch


Triwa Recycled Ocean Plastic Watch Surfing
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Crazy as it sounds most of the plastic we put in the recycling bin doesn’t get recycled. In fact, the U.S. EPA puts the number at less than 10%

As more plastic reaches our oceans, it can severely stress marine habitats and marine life. Plastic particles that get swallowed by fish can end up inside of us when we eat fish, which is not exactly as healthy as swallowing a vitamin pill.

So what to do? For starters, we can shift our consumption toward products made from recycled ocean plastic. Triwa is making fantastically bold and stylish designs with this intention in mind. The company’s Ocean Plastic Watch Collection is fun, colorful, and high-performance enough for your water-bound activities. Both the band and the case of these watches are made from recycled ocean plastic.

PRICE: $129 – $149

EXPLORE: Ocean Plastic Watch

6. plano 684 watch by mam

Mam Plano Watch Recycled and Sustainable Materials
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Elegant and sleek, the Plano watch features a recycled Milanese mesh strap (a design with roots tracing back to the 13th century). The casing is made of FSC certified sustainable Ebony wood. This beautiful watch is extremely thin, lightweight, and waterproof.

PRICE: $166

EXPLORE: Plano 684 Watch

7. Essence Eco-Friendly Watches by Mondaine

Mondaine Stylish Sustainable Watch
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Swiss watchmaker Mondaine combines the brand’s iconic Swiss Railways Clock aesthetic with sustainable materials to form the essence collection. Cases are made from Rizinus (a bioplastic derived from castor oil), and straps incorporate natural rubber and a cork facing for comfort against your skin. Numerous styles are available.

PRICE: $175 – 215

EXPLORE: Essence Collection

8. La Bleue Solar Sustainable Watch by Awake

Awake La Bleue Solar Powered Sustainable Materials
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Perhaps the most innovative, eco-friendly watch in the world, La Bleue was introduced to the world by none other than French President Emmanuel Macron at the 2019 G7 Summit. The solar-powered watch automatically recharges on your wrist. The case is made from fishing nets reclaimed from the sea and the strap is made of recycled polyester.

PRICE: $175 – 215


9. Henricksen Solar Recycled Watch by Skagen

Skagen Solar Eco Sustainable Watches
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Embodying modern Danish design with a sustainability twist, Skagen’s solar-powered capture’s the brand’s future-forward outlook. The case is made of renewable, plant-based plastic and the strap is made of recycled plastic.

PRICE: $195

EXPLORE: Henricksen Solar Watch

10. Solar Watch by Jack Mason

Jack Mason Solar Powered Eco Watch
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Jack Mason’s solar-powered watch possesses sustainability superpowers. It features a case made of recycled steel and a strap made of recycled polyester and sustainable cork. It’s also water-resistant up to 100 meters. 

PRICE: $202.30

EXPLORE: Solar Watch

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