7 Sizzling Recycled And Sustainable Cookware Collections

by | Dec 30, 2020

Sustainable cookware is on the rise as established and emerging brands respond to the urgency of our climate challenges to rethink their kitchen products. Their challenge: design and manufacture cookware – whether made of iron, aluminum, steel, or copper – that consumers love and have a vastly lower environmental footprint.

The solution is recycled products. Creating cookware using recycled materials instead of finite, virgin materials has profound environmental benefits. Recycled aluminum, for example, requires 95% less energy to produce than virgin aluminum while maintaining the same level of quality. You get an outstanding product, albeit one created in a manner that preserves resources and dramatically cuts carbon emissions.

This is precisely what Lazy Environmentalists are seeking. We want cookware of extraordinary quality and beauty. We want to cook with our pots and pans and proudly display them in our kitchens. And we expect them to be made with heightened consideration for our health – by eliminating nasty chemicals – and for the planet’s health – by adopting sustainable materials that use fewer or, better yet, none – of the earth’s finite natural resources.

Companies are responding. Their stories are fantastic. Take Combekk, a Dutch sustainable cookware startup that is reinvigorating its country’s heritage as the inventor of the “Dutch Oven,” otherwise known as a cast-iron pot.

Today, Combekk is the only company manufacturing Dutch Ovens in Holland. They’re doing it with a sustainable twist: Combekk’s cookware is made of recycled iron sourced from the likes of old bicycles, railroad tracks, and prison bars.

See the quick video below:

While Combekk is a forward-thinking cookware startup, other companies presented here are second- or even third-generation cookware brands that have had a presence in people’s kitchens dating back to the last century. They too are evolving to respond to environmental challenges and to consumer tastes.

Of particular note, all of these brands are European or have European ties. They hail from The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, England, Belgium, France, and Italy. It’s a prime example of how innovative sustainable solutions transcend borders and cultures. 

These respected cookware companies recognize that while the recipes may stay the same, the time has come to change what we cook them in.

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Featured Sustainable Cookware Brands And Products

1. Combekk

2. Woll Eco-Lite

3. Scanpan

4. Prestige Eco

5. Amoretti Brothers

6. GreenPan

7. Tefal So Recycled

7 Sustainable Cookware Brands

Combekk Cookware Dutch Oven Recycled Materials
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1. Combekk Recycled Dutch Ovens and Pans

The Dutch startup that’s reinventing the “Dutch Oven” out of recycled cast-iron and bringing manufacturing of this storied product back to Holland. The iron is sourced from recycled train tracks, bicycles, and prison bars. You’ll also find fantastic frying pans made of recycled iron with FSC certified wooden handles. Products come with a 40-year warranty.

Shop for Combekk at:

Woll Eco-Lite Cookware Pan Recycled Aluminum
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2. Woll Eco-Lite Recycled Aluminum Pans

Woll cookware is made in Germany, where the company has been in business for over forty years. The second generation of this family-run company is charting a sustainable direction with its Eco-Lite line of certified 100% recycled aluminum pans. The pans are nonstick, dishwasher-safe, suitable for all cooking surfaces, and feature detachable handles also made of recycled materials.

Shop for Woll Eco-Lite at:

Scanpan Pan Sustainable Kitchenware Recycled Aluminum
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3. Scanpan Recycled Aluminum Cookware 

SCANPAN combines the best of old traditions with new knowledge and technologies to create sustainable cookware. Old beer and soda cans are recycled, melted down, and then hand-poured, transforming rubbish into exceptional SCANPAN saucepans, frying pans, and cooking pots. All production takes place in Denmark, and all products are PFOA/PFOS free.

Shop for SCANPAN at:

Prestige Eco Recycled Cookware Pans Sustainable
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4. Prestige Eco Recycled Aluminum Pans

UK-based Prestige has been making cookware for over 80 years. In 2020, it introduced its Eco line of pots and pans all made of recycled aluminum. The pans are the first of their kind to be treated with a natural, plant-based nonstick coating. All products are manufactured in Italy and are dishwasher- and oven-safe.

Shop for Prestige Eco at:


Amoretti Brothers Sustainable Cookware Recycled Copper
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5. Amoretti Brothers Recycled Copper Cookware


Amoretti Brothers manufactures high-end cookware made of recycled copper. With a design heritage rooted in Italy and manufacturing in Mexico, the company’s collection of globally inspired pots, pans, Dutch Ovens, and more are hand-forged by skilled artisans.  

Shop for Amoretti Brothers at:

GreenPan Goop Nontoxic Recycled Content Cookware
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6. GreenPan NonToxic Cookware

GreenPan products have built a strong reputation as healthy ceramic nonstick cookware free of PFAs, PFOA, Lead, and Cadmium. Based in Belgium, GreenPan also incorporates upcycled steel and aluminum into its extensive cookware collections, the only caveat being, the specific percentage of recycled content is not readily known. I’m awaiting a response from the company and will update this post once I find out.

Pictured here is a GreenPan exclusive colorway created in partnership with Goop.

Shop the full GreenPan collection at:

Tefal So Recycled Pan Cookware Sustainable
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7. Tefal So Recycled Cookware

French company Tefal got its start over 60 years ago and today makes a range of kitchenware and cookware from recycled materials. In 2019, Tefal launched its So Recycled line of recycled aluminum cookware. Unfortunately, consumers in the U.S. still don’t have access to Tefal’s sweet sustainable pots and pans (sold as T-Fal in the U.S.), but we’ll update this post – when they do become available.

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