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The Lazy Environmentalist, an award-winning reality TV show,  aired for two seasons on Sundance Channel from 2009-2010. Inspired by the unique perspective and insights founder Josh Dorfman brought to his blog, books and daily radio show on Sirius Satellite Radio, Sundance Channel brought Josh and David Metzler, Executive Producer of Bravo’s Queer Eye For The Straight Guy, together for lunch in New York City in the fall of 2007.

The following summer, Josh flew to Los Angeles where he and David began shooting the show’s pilot. It wrapped that fall and was quickly greenlighted by Sundance Channel. That winter, after shooting promos for season 1 at the Sundance Film Festival, Josh was back in Los Angeles to film season one.

The environmental television show’s premise was straightforward. Josh would attempt to green mainstream professionals at the top of their game; institutions like schools and city governments entrenched in bureaucracy; and everyday Americans deeply attached to their habitual patterns. It was up to Josh to bring environmental solutions that were delightful, appealing and just might work. His guests were free to dismiss his solutions as impractical or unappealing on whatever grounds they pleased.

But, and this was a really big BUT, if his guests liked the green solutions Josh offered, then they committed to trying then in real-life situations. This meant a pro surfer using a biodegradable surfboard in competition. It meant an LA fashion designer using bio-silk to make a runway dress for an A-list client. It meant a funeral director attempting to sell her valued clients a casket made of paper mache. It meant a high-volume delivery company using hyper-miling driving techniques – like slow coasting with the engine and A/C off on the highway – to deliver an ice-cream cake.

Josh frequently brought on other green experts during episodes to assist him. Eco-fashion designer and stylist Bahar Shapar, stepped in to help green celebrity stylist Wendell Haskins. Erin Schrode, co-founder of Teens Turning Green and a 2016 Congressional candidate, stepped in during Lazy Teenager to help green one of the cool kids at a high school in Tucson. 

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