These Outerknown Eco-Friendly Jeans Are Guaranteed For Life

by | Jul 8, 2020

It takes indomitable will and determination to manufacture high-quality, organic cotton, denim jeans. Organic cotton is grown without synthetic insecticides and pesticides that are globally pervasive and environmentally harmful. Yet, organic cotton neither widely cultivated nor readily available.

Which means you’ve got to really want it. And which is why clothing brands that predominantly source organic cotton are the vanguard of the 21st-century sustainable fashion industry.

Cue the S.E.A. Jeans by Outerknown, a product so secure in its fit and quality that it’s guaranteed for life. Rip ’em or split ’em and Outerknown will repair or replace them for, well, ever.

Outerknown jeans eco-friendly organic cotton
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Outerknown is a California-based, mission-driven brand dedicated to elevating environmental and social responsibility. To develop the fabric for the S.E.A. (which stands for Social and Environmental Accountability) jeans, the company identified two of the most well-regarded and sustainable denim mills in the world: Candiani in Italy and Isko in Turkey.

The jeans are then made at Saitex’s facility in Vietnam, perhaps the greenest denim factory in the world. Each pair is made with about 1/80th the water required of typical jeans. The factory itself is powered through a combination of solar power and biomass generators that burn coconut husks and wood shavings.  If the S.E.A. Jeans represent the future of denim, Saitex represents the future of fashion production.

Kelly Slater Outerknown SEA Jeans
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ABOVE: Outerknown co-founder and 11-time world surf champion Kelly Slater sporting his label’s S.E.A. Jeans.

Outerknown SEA Eco-Friend Jeans Organic cotton
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ABOVE: S.E.A. Jeans in the Ambassador Slim Fit

Outerknown Drifter Tapered Fit sustainable jeans
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ABOVE: S.E.A. Jeans in the Drifter Tapered Fit

Outerknown Sustainable Straight Fit Jeans
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ABOVE: S.E.A. Jeans in the Local Straight Fit

Jeans in the collection range in pricing from $128 to $148, not inexpensive, but not over-the-top crazy either. Outerknown adds sustainable touches to details too; the buttons are made of recycled ocean plastic.

Most importantly, making S.E.A. jeans part of your life means you may never have to shop for another pair of jeans again. That’s simply outstanding for the environment and your wallet, and quite likely for your peace of mind.

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